Monday, February 18, 2013

Crying Out Silent

I have FINALLY started writing book 2 from the Graffiti Heaven Series. Well, I didn't just start, but have had failed attempts at getting it going, unlike Behind the Lies, which just flowed, mainly because it was a direct link on from Behind the Tears. However, on Friday night I stayed up really late because I got an idea for Crying Out Silent, and my fingers just went on its own tap dance across the keyboard, not wanting to stop. The thing that set this book off was, like the beginning of Graffiti Heaven, a real experience, which I often incorporate in my books. Although Graffiti Heaven's first chapter was based around someone else's experience, I decided to pull out of the hat one of my own for Crying Out Silent. However, I have weaved it into the story in a different way, because this is not my tale, it's Llewellyn Davies'.

This leads me onto the main characters in this book. Obviously, I've let slip Llewellyn is one. You will remember him from Graffiti Heaven as the shy gay, red-headed boy who is picked on by Ant. He has a MAJOR part in this book and develops a friendship with Ash Rata, the other main character in Crying Out Silent, because both of them have had similar experiences, to Ash's shock. I have only written from Llewellyn and Ash's points of views at the moment, but just to let you know, Jenna Hamilton will AGAIN have her own point of view chapters. I think my editor would kill me if I didn't put her in there, but anyway, her chapters are a means to see into Kelley's situation, the runner who is now unable to walk. Plus, Jenna has linked herself closely to Ant, and because of him and her problem with not being able to let Ash go, she again causes trouble, her jealousy now wrongly aimed at Llewellyn, who she sees as a bad influence on Ash, because she's believes all the lies that Ant has filled her head with, plus she needs any excuse as to why Ash doesn't like her.

And a special note, this will be my first book written in first person (I instead of he). I haven't done this before, because I don't tend to like doing it, but because of the diary writing the boys do, it's necessary - and it actually works well, giving a different insight into the characters without the barrier that third person perspectives have.

One warning: I know I put this book to be due out this June, but because my other series has become more popular, namely Behind the Tears propelling it, I have to force myself not to be distracted by this book (even though I want to be), because Behind the Lies needs to come out first. Plus, I also work, so I have to choose one over the other. However, it does not mean that this book is being put on hold completely, I will keep working on it, I just need more time, and to take stock that more people want Behind the Lies first, which DEFINITELY 100% has to come out in June. So, I am now looking at September for the release of Crying Out Silent. Don't tell me off! I'll try my hardest to get it out sooner, but I have to make sure that Behind the Lies is my number one priority with my writing.

P.S. I will add updates when I can, so you know I'm not slacking, and that I'm trying my best to get this book out for you.

#SPECIAL NOTE: It is looking like Behind the Lies is going to have a name change due to the direction that the story line is going. The name I'm considering strongly now is: BEHIND THE LENS.

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