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Update: My Indiegogo Campaign for OVERWHELMED

The campaign to raise funds to self-publish my novel Overwhelmed is into day 4. There's another 46 days left. It's going good so far. $210 of the total has been raised, though I really could do with help in getting more exposure for the campaign, since there is a long way to go to reach the goal. It would be wonderful if you could put the Indiegogo link up onto your blogsites, tumblr pages, or share it on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and other social media sites. I really want this book to be a success. I have been writing for a number of years now and feel like this is my last chance of making a success with my writing. I wouldn't ask for help if I didn't think OVERWHELMED didn't have the potential. Unlike my other books, it's a more mainstream story about relationship problems. The main character, Kelly Hamlin, is at a certain stage in her marriage where her love for her husband has become dulled down by the stresses of everyday life. She still loves him, but because of their differences and the troubles they are having with their daughter, as well as financial problems, they have grown apart. In an attempt to put some spice back into their lives, her husband suggests going to an adult club. And that is where things start going wrong. They meet Eric Firth there, and end up having a threesome with him. The husband isn't happy with what has happened, and throws Eric's card away after they leave, knowing the man wants more from his wife. However, Eric is not put off and finds a way back into Kelly's life, using his publishing business to entice her, since she is a writer.

The genres are romance, erotica, and family drama.

So, I will be really grateful if you could put the link below up on your social media pages.


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My Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds for my newest novel OVERWHELMED

On Sunday, I started a campaign on the site Indiegogo to raise funds so I could pay for my newest book OVERWHELMED to be published and promoted. 

You will find a trailer, information about the book, what I need the funding for, and some background about me on there. Also, there are perks for donating down the side of the campaign page, such as books, paintings, etc. Have a look, you might like to get some of the perks I have made available. Of course, if you select a perk the postage is free.

However, if you are unable to help financially with the campaign you can instead put the page's link up on the different social media sites that you are connected to, eg. Facebook, blog pages, Goodreads, Twitter, etc. I need as many people to see this project as possible, because the more people who see it, the more chance I have of it being a success.


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These interviews relate to the first My Masters' Nightmare Collection
(Season 1, Episodes 1-5)

1) How would you describe yourself?
I’m the biggest prick in the world—but in a good way. And if you ladies want proof, I’m more than happy to show you. But apart from that, I’m a six-foot-one, muscular Caucasian male with black hair and dark-olive skin. That’s what the FBI printout said. It also said I’m a slave trader and the head of the D’Angelo family.
2) Tell me about the place where you live?
I can’t tell you that, otherwise the FBI will turn up at my house with a warrant to enter, and I don’t want them seeing my slave cells. But I can say that I live by the sea. My great-grandfather built the family’s two-story house, but I renovated it, along with the furniture.
3) What is the thing you are most proud of?
That I am the head of my family. Being a don is a great honor.
4) What is your most prized possession?
Right now: a female FBI agent. And yes, she is a possession, I own her.
5) Are you a sports fan?
Most definitely. I love sport, especially football, or what Americans call soccer. I used to be a striker and the captain of my team, but unfortunately I had to give it up when my father fell ill with dementia. However, when I’m not working, I like to go outside and kick the ball around with Thierry. He’s a lovely kid. I was also the wrestling champion at high school, and competed in the European Games at eighteen. My father was very proud of me.
6) What’s the first thing you wash in the shower?
I don’t really think about it, but I assume it would be either my hair or cock. Can I say cock in the interview?
7) We’ve heard from a VERY reliable source that you moan the name Jahayra while stroking. Can you tell us a little bit about this mystery women?
I don’t know who Jahayra is, but she has a very unique and lovely name. Maybe when I moan or breathe heavily, it could sound like her name, which is why you might have assumed this. Unless you’ve been spying on me, which you better not, because I will find where you live and make you pay.
8) If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be?
Nothing, I am happy with my appearance.
9) What is your favorite sex position?
If you’re asking me this, then obviously you haven’t been spying on me after all, so I will allow you to sleep easy in your bed tonight. And if you really want to know what my favorite sex position is, it would be a woman riding me. I like strong women who take control of my cock. And you never answered whether it was okay to say cock, therefore it’s your own fault if your readers don’t approve.
10) Can you talk dirty to us in Italian?
Ti voglio scopare duramente (I want to fuck you hard).

1) Do you have a childhood nickname?
It was Jagger, my real name is Gabriel, but I don’t use it because it reminds me of… someone I hate. When I was a little ragazzo, I used to love dancing to The Rolling Stones, so my father nicknamed me after the main singer.
2) If you had a day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?
Go skiing.
3)Do you prefer boxer or briefs?
4)How would you describe yourself?
Beautiful. It’s what everyone else says. I have wavy black hair and dark olive skin. I’m of average height for a man, slim but with lean muscle. I dress very well, whether casually or formally. I’m not a very social person, but I do enjoy talking to women, although I have an aversion to men. I don’t like them much nor do they like me. They tend to get paranoid when I’m around their women, so they are quite often hostile towards me, except for the gay ones, which is why I tend to avoid nightclubs because I get groped a lot. I don’t like men touching me. Personality wise: I’m a manipulator and a seducer.
5)What’s the name of your favorite cologne?
I don’t have a favorite; I wear whatever cologne Bianca buys me. She has very good taste though, because people often comment on how nice I smell.
6)Do you have any spiritual beliefs?
I used to believe in Catholicism until someone in the church hurt me. I wish I still believed, because ignorance was bliss. That might be an insensitive thing to say, but you cannot judge me until you’ve walked in my shoes. I will move onto the next question, because this one is making me feel uncomfortable.
7) What are your 3 greatest strengths?
1. Manipulating people into doing what I want. I just wish I can do this to everyone, because it would make my life so much easier.
2. Getting women into my bed.
3. My appearance, but that is also a weakness.
8) Are you aware you have a stalker named Chippy?
No. I have a lot of stalkers; I can’t keep count of them.
9) If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be?
I would have an ordinary face so no one would notice me.
10) Can you give us your signature come on line?
I don’t use one; my face is all I need to get women.

1) Do you have any siblings?
Not that I know of. I was brought up in an orphanage and by foster parents.
2) Favorite childhood memory?
Due to a head injury, I don’t really remember my childhood, while my teenage years were a bit rough. Though, I have fond memories of Christmas day at my Italian foster parents’ home, especially since all their past foster children would bring me presents. And my foster mother made the most wonderful food. I always got a stomach ache from eating too much, but it was definitely worth it. I miss my foster parents terribly.
3)Who was your teenage crush?
Enrique Iglesias.
4) Was there any outside influences that made you want to join the FBI?
I never thought about joining, they approached me.
5) Do you regret signing up for this assignment?
Yes, because I wish I’d never met Frano D’Angelo. He is an utterly infuriating man who thinks far too much of himself, and he always thinks he’s right. And when you return what he has done to you, he gets all high and mighty as though he is the only one who has been wronged. And anyway, what I did to him isn’t the same as what he did to me, what he did was far worse, since I was only trying to teach him a lesson. Karma is a bitch when you fuck with me.
6) Do you have any pet peeves?
People cracking their knuckles, it drives me insane. And of course: rapist scum bag dons.
7) What’s your favorite dessert? 
…. Frano!…oops, that’s my answer. 
Chocolate mousse, and don’t get me started on Frano again, I can rant about him all day, and no, just in case you ask, I wouldn’t eat the mousse off his body, no matter how delicious his body is, because he’s a bastard who would lord it over me.
8) Would you ever remarry?.. Do you want children?
I don’t think I could trust anyone enough to remarry. What Matteo did shocked me to my core, the way he so easily deceived me. The man was utterly believable, although if I thought about it, his need for anal play really was a warning sign. I don’t know about children, plus my life isn’t really conducive to having them.
9) If you were stranded on a island who would you choose to be stranded with Frano or Jagger?
Frano, so I can drown him.
10) What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
Chocolate mousse.

1) Tell us a happy childhood memory?
Swimming in the lake with my brother.
2) Favorite superhero?
Superheroes are boring, I always preferred the villains. I like Darth Sidious.
3) Do you have any hobbies?
Boxing and watching Jagger.
4) What is your favorite dish?
That is impossible to answer, because Maria, the family cook, makes the most magnificent food, it is a thousand times better than any restaurant. Here are some of my favorites dishes that she makes: Tiramisu, Creamy Scalloped Potatoes with Artichokes, Veal Marsala, Herb Ricotta Gnocchi, and Penne alla Vodka.
6) How does your conscience allow you to sleep at night?
I sleep fine, my conscience is fine. I don’t know why you would ask such a question. I feel like you are insinuating that I have done something wrong, which I haven’t.
7) Matteo sounds yummy, why the hell aren’t you attracted to him?
He is a control freak, and doesn’t take no for an answer. And I prefer raven-haired beauties. Put Matteo next to Jagger and he fades away into nothing. But I’d advice you not to tell him that, because he is intensely jealous of Jagger, and has a habit of throwing tantrums that can turn violent.
8) If your house was on fire and you could grab only 3 things before leaving, what would they be?
Can people be counted? Because I’d grab Jagger. And I’d make sure Frano was safe too and of course the cook. That is three. But if you want inanimate objects, I would choose the photos of my mother.
9) Have you ever had romantic feelings for your wife Bianca?
Of course not.
10) What animal might best describe your character?
People say I look like an ape, but they are just being nasty, because I don’t. Instead, I think I’m like a bear: big and strong, and not afraid to tackle threats head on.

1) What do you think are people’s first impression of you?
I’m hot and they want to fuck me. Or get fucked by me.
2) What is your motto in life?
Take what I want.
3) Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
I don’t know.
4) What kind of car do you drive?
A black Audi.
5) Was it love at first sight when you met Rita?
Hell no! I’m not attracted to women. Though, I think it was love at first sight for her, which you can hardly blame her for, considering how hot I am. Ha! That also answers your other question about what word I over use. It’s ‘hot’. And if you must know, I love Alberto.
6) In your opinion, what is your best feature?
Why pick one? Everything about me is perfect.
7) Are you a morning person?
Yes. I love getting up when the air is still crisp. Running in the early hours are the best, because it can get very hot during the day.
Okay Matteo answer these question with the first thought that comes into your head:
*Hot or Cold: Hot, like me. There I go again, looks like I can’t escape that word, but when you look like me it’s understandable.
*Summer or Winter: Summer.
*Coffee or Tea: Neither, I like ‘Hot’ Chocolate. *Sniggering*
*Chicken or Beef: Chicken.
*Catcher or Pitcher: Catcher. I like receiving, not giving—in everything. *wink, wink*


You can either buy the episodes separately: AMAZON.COM Author Page
Or as a 5 episode package: AMAZON.COM My Masters' Nightmare Collection

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Episodes 1 - 5 by Marita A. Hansen

My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Episodes 1 - 5

by Marita A. Hansen

Giveaway ends February 04, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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I didn't see it coming, didn't realize how different everything would be within the space of a month. I would fall in love with one man, I would kill another, and I would lose my body, my mind, my soul - my freedom to them. I was an operative, a strong woman, someone sent in to save others, but under these two men I became weak - or pretended to be. I didn't like being weak, it angered me. If I had free rein I could cut my masters in two. But I wasn't there for pride, I was there to free those women and to take down the two men who sold them as sex slaves.
Those men needed to be punished
And I would do it
No matter the cost
Or how much I lost
Because I am Rita Kovak

#Dark Erotica
Please note: Like a television series, this book series is broken up into seasons and episodes. Each episode is approximately 20,000 words long, with a new one coming out on average every three weeks until the first season has ended. There will be fifteen episodes per season. The character on the cover will change after five episodes.

Buy Now

Author's other books, including separated episodes


"I walked into the hotel bar knowing there was a strong chance that I would be drugged and kidnapped by the end of the night. Which was exactly why I was there." Rita Kovak “I now own your body, your mind, your soul,” he whispered. “You are mine to do as I please. I’m your master, your god, your nightmare...” Jagger D'Angelo speaking. Sneering, he ran a hand over his chest, abs, and cock, cupping his balls. “You want me, we both know it; so you use any excuse to touch my body.” Frano D'Angelo speaking.

Meet the Cast

Age: Has been told she is 29 (she has amnesia, so doesn't remember herself).
Family: Kovak
Occupation: FBI agent.

Age: 31
Family: D'Angelo
Occupation: Don of the D'Angelo family, a slave trader and winemaker.

Age: 23
Family: D'Angelo
Occupation: Slave Trainer.

Alberto D'Angelo
Age: 30
Family: D'Angelo
Occupation: Slave trader.

Matteo Donatelli
Age: 28
Family: Donatelli
Occupation: Slave trainer, spy, and FBI plant.

FATHER MICHAEL, aka the Padre
Age: 48
Family: Donatelli
Occupation: An ex-communicated priest.


Meet the Author

NATIONALITY AND CULTURAL CONNECTIONS: I'm a true blue Aucklander, born and bred in New Zealand. I tend to write about cultures I have connections to, such as Croatian and Maori. I would love to visit Croatia again as I have family there. However, in My Masters' Nightmare, I have started writing about Italians . My husband is part Italian and I also have a degree in Italian.
SPORTS: As a teen my favorite sports were karate, badminton, and running. I also did unarmed combat and played in a touch rugby team (my gym teacher made me do the last one!) Now, I stick to coaching soccer and running. I have completed two marathons, numerous half-marathons and one 30K run.
CAREER PATH: I started off as a Graphic Designer, then went to Auckland University, where I got a BA degree in Art History and Italian Studies and a post-graduate Honors degree in Art History. I worked in the Art History field, then became a full-time artist, doing commissions. I eventually lost all of my senses and gave it up to be a poor, starving writer, smh.
FAVORITE FOODS: I'm vegetarian. I love pasta based foods, tofu, chocolate mousse and golden queen peaches.
BAD HABITS: I'm a major procrastinator that can't seem to earn money to save myself!
STATUS: Married to my high school sweetheart (which he hates me calling him). We have two kids.

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My Masters' Nightmare Season 1, Episodes 1-5 Blog Tour

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