Saturday, October 22, 2011

Behind the Hood Competition.

Since my blogsite now has over 2,000 hits I thought it'll be good to get some free advertising from you guys. What? You think I should pay for it? Ha! You don't tell a poor author that, that's just mean and nasty. So, to make up for it you're going to "like" my page on Facebook or put my book on your to-read list on Goodreads. Stuff retweeting my tweets, that won't get me advertising that works, so just do either of the first two and you're forgiven.

Oh, okay, I'll give you a chance to win an awesome copy of my ebook (promo chance here: full of sex and violence - that should be enough of an incentive). What? You want the paperback version because ebooks don't tickle your fancy. No! The paperback competition will happen in the next couple of weeks on Goodreads (though, damn, I have to pay for that book and postage, so the winner better live close to where the books are made or you'll make my eyes water).


1) Go and "like" my (I know you love it) page: Marita-A-Hansen's (Author) Facebook Page
2) Go and put my book Behind the Hood on your to-read list: Behind the Hood on Goodreads
Click on the add to my books button under the bookcover and then click the button that says to-read

Now, by doing either of these you are spreading the word about my book (not a disease). And if you want twice the chance to win a copy of my ebook from Smashwords you can go and do both. Hell, I'll even give you triple the chance because I'm a nice person, lol.

So, off you go, and I'll let you know if you have won (or not). The winner will be drawn on Friday the 28th of October.