Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Review of Nicholas Dane

Nicholas Dane

The Carnegie Prize-winning author, Melvin Burgess, who wrote such books as Smack, Billy Elliot and more. 

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review Genre: Edgy Young Adult, and in my opinion for older teenagers and adults.

Subject: A rather horrifying look at boys homes in 1980s Britain.

Synopsis: After Nicholas Dane’s mother dies unexpectedly from a drug overdose he is put into a boys’ home, where violence is used to keep order. After countless fights and what happens to him at the hands of the deputy-principle he goes on the run.

My Thoughts: This story was very sad, the topic being about how certain people in society abuse their positions to gain access to children. But, I think the author's focus was more upon how Nicholas handled what what thrown at him. I felt for the character, was horrified by his situation when he was put into the boys home: from the beatings by other boys to the disgusting acts perpetrated by the adults that were supposedly there to protect him. But, even with the harsh topic of child abuse, Melvin handled things with care and brushed over the parts that would've made me stop reading, which is how it should be when this topic is handled.

Conclusion: An eighties Oliver Twist and a recommended read if you like edgy YA.

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