Sunday, August 14, 2011

Character traits.

Personally, I use traits from people I know and have come across to help create a character.  This accentuates the realism within my story, and even more so when I add quirky ones.  Because of this, many people have told me they think I am Maia. Well, I won't say whether I am or am not, because this mystery always conjures up the reader's imagination ... but, I can confirm that I do grin like crazy when I'm in trouble :) 

Here's an example from chapter 1 relating to Maia's smile:

She moved behind the candy display. “C’mon, Tama, I wuz only jokin’ ‘bout the balls comment. You know I can’t help myself...” she gabbled nervously with a wide grin on her face. Dammit! Why did she always have to grin when she was scared shitless?

In relation to Tama, some of his words and thoughts have been taken from actual real life conversations that I've heard.  Yes, even the disgusting ones, which is more often than not with this character. (Tama is on the cover of Behind the Hood).

Also, my characters aren't black and white stereotypes.  People have good traits and bad traits.  There are grey areas within their personalities, because people aren't always so clear cut as you see in say Star Wars.  The hero of my story, Nike, is flawed.  He does things wrong, because what eighteen-year-old doesn't.  He's struggling to take care of his family, and will do anything to provide for and protect them. But, his heart is in the right place and he means well.  

So, if you want to have a chat about anything to do with characters, leave a post here.  Cheers!

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