Saturday, August 13, 2011

Music in Books

When I paint I like to listen to music ... but, when I write I can't do this.  However, I like to mention music in my writing.  In BEHIND THE HOOD I note a few international stars and two New Zealand groups. Now, I would like to feature on my blogsite these New Zealand groups because I like to listen to them, plus if you read my book you will know who I'm talking about.  First up is Nesian Mysik, a fantastic R&B group that have some really catchy songs.  Some of my favs are Brotherz, Nesian 101, and Mr. Mista. You will hear about them in Chapter 25:
Corey pulled out of Claydon Shopping Centre and cut across the main road. With rush hour over, traffic was flowing freely. He turned right at the roundabout, and headed down Tiri Road. Naf downed some aspirin with Red Bull, then switched on the music deck. Nesian Mystik’s Polysaturated R&B filled the car.

“Can I borrow your CD?” Tama asked.

“Fuck, no,” Naf said. “I’ll never get it back.”

Tama grumbled and pulled the hood further over his head. Not like he had a CD player to use anyway. Effing pigs chasing him out of his home. He looked out the window at the rainclouds. Bloody shitty weather. His forecast for the day: Fucking cold and miserable.

Out of all their songs, it is Mr. Mista that I would like to show you guys.  Although I mention the Polysaturated album, I want to highlight one from the album Elevator Musiq because it shows a marae.  I mention the marae more than once in my book, the first being when Tama stops by it after escaping the police in chapter 2. Here's the excerpt:

Chapter 2

He kept his eyes peeled for cops as he cut across the fields and over the road, past the Marae—the land where the Maori meeting house stood. Red stained carvings framed the triangular-shaped building, broken up blue and green Paua shells used for the eyes of the carved Maori faces. A naked, carved warrior, with a large head displaying a moko, stood at the apex. Tama ran a hand over his head, proud to show his heritage through his tattoo.

Here's another mention of the same marae from Nike's point of view.

Chapter 7

As he turned onto Parson’s Road a gull flew past, its loud squawks breaking the early morning silence. The bird soared over the Maori meeting house, and towards the calm waters of the harbour. Nike smiled at the sight of the triangular-shaped building, the elaborate red framework adding to its appeal. Last month he’d slipped a ring onto Jess’s finger underneath the entrance’s carved warrior. His mates all thought he was nuts for getting married so young, but he couldn’t have been happier with his decision.

And here's Nesian Mystik's music video. 
 The marae in this video is not the same one as in my book, but it will allow you to see what one looks like.  And yes, the marae I describe is based on a real one, which I used to live near.

In my next blog post on music I will feature The Blackseeds who get mentioned more than once in BEHIND THE HOOD, the first being when Tama steals Nike's Into the Dojo CD 


P.S. Che Fu features in the above video with Nesian Mystik.

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