Wednesday, April 23, 2014

OVERWHELMED: The countdown to publication.

OVERWHELMED: Usually when I get to this stage of finishing a book, I publish it, no mucking around, I just do it. But that doesn't seem to be working for me, and since I've written OVERWHELMED for a wider market than usual I want to do things right. Which means: PROMOTION. At the moment the beta readers are reading through the book, just checking that there are no stray typos or mistakes. At a guess, they will probably finish by the end of this week. So, the plan is to send out the ARCs to blogsite reviewers next week. The ARC reviewing will probably go for two weeks, and while this is happening, I will finish up the paperback as well as do any promotional work for the book, because I'm sure once people start reading it I'll get questions flung my way. One of my beta readers has made an observation about the main character that I'm sure others will want to question me over. She said she will have a lot of questions for me once she's finished reading it. I'll keep my mouth zipped about why, because you guys can come to your own conclusions.

Anyway, May the 12th could possibly be when the book gets published. If I can get it into the top 100 on Kindle, I'm made, even in the top 500 is brilliant. This will be enough to get my man off my back and allow me to continue writing. How can I do this? Well, the book has to be good (which I hope it is), but I think promotion has proved to be the most important element. Word of mouth - telling your friends about the book, also if you're a blogger, pop up a review of it, or put one on Goodreads and Amazon. Especially those two last places, because they really make a huge difference. If I can get a lot of reviews, then more people will see OVERWHELMED and might buy it. Again, I'm aching to get this book out to you all. When you read it, you'll understand why.