Saturday, May 27, 2017


Did having read the Behind the Lives series help with understanding the Broken Lives series? Broken Lives is a spin-off from Behind the Lives.

JAGGED PILL was the hardest to write out of all of these books in the sense that I had to align it with the Behind the Lives series. The huge time jump, putting Dante where he needs to be to continue on from where Behind the Secrets left off, as well as explaining why he doesn't remember things, etc. LOVE STONED (Broken Lives #4) will basically continue what came after BEHIND THE SECRETS (and of course JAGGED PILL, a smooth transition), but be fully focused on Dante and Clara. No other POVs, just theirs.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


When I finally get around to writing BEHIND THE BARS Jasper Rakete from the Broken Lives series will be in it. He's in jail at the same time as Saul and will be an unlikely ally. Why? He respects Saul for what he did for the Connors. Jasper may have been in jail during the whole of the Behind the Lives series, hence why you never saw him in it, but he is still Dante's best friend and hears everything that goes on in his life. BTW, I've decided not to write Jasper a novel series, I think his story would be better set out like a television series, done in novella episodes. Although he'll be in Behind the Bars, once he gets out of prison he'll have the episode series, since he will be taking over as the president of the Skins (not straight away, but he will be making a move on the role). But that won't come out for a bit, because I have to publish Behind the Bars first, which is due out next year. Sorry about the huge gaps between the Behind the Lives books, but it's not a hugely popular series and is only still alive because it's one of my favourites. So, it's either big gaps between the books or no more books, and I'd much prefer to keep it going. I just hope you're happy with the Broken Lives series being a fill in for the moment.