Sunday, October 1, 2023

TikTok Video about Book Pirates, Skins and D'Angelo


Here's a video about how badly book pirates affect authors, especially self-published ones. And how they stop sequels from being released.

P.S. I was using the Bold Glamour effect because 1) I hate putting on makeup, 2) I'm incredibly shy, so hiding behind it was slightly better than hiding behind a mask. BTW, you did well if you made it to the end of the video. I find it hard listening to my accent, cringey as, plus living in New Zealand, you really don't realise how strong it is until you hear it on a video.

Monday, September 25, 2023

D'Angelo's Cover

I was playing about and ended up making D'Angelo's cover. It was totally unplanned, but I'm very pleased that I went with the flow, because I love the writing and colours.

P.S. I was also playing about yesterday, and ended up writing the start of this book, another unplanned moment. I was taking a break from editing Skins, which only has 8 pages left to check over, and decided to possibly write something for a cover that was made years ago. But the D'Angelo family hijacked the story, turning it into theirs, or in particular, Frano's son. He's not too happy about the arranged marriage that his father has set up for him.

Friday, September 22, 2023

New SKINS Cover: A Prison Drama


In SKINS, Jenna Hamilton goes undercover as a prison guard to bring down a crooked system, while navigating two opposing gangs - one of the gang-leaders wanting to recruit her, the other wanting to bed her.

A Broken Live's Spin Off, featuring Jasper Rakete, along with Jenna Hamilton and Marko from Graffiti Heaven, plus many more characters from all of my New Zealand series and books.

Blurb to come...

#PrisonDrama #PrisonRomance #Erotic #UndercoverAgent #JasperRakete #JennaHamilton #Marko #Rhoda #Leila #Phelia #Skins #Gangs #DevilsCrew #Bikers #Auckland #NewZealand

Saturday, May 6, 2023


Here's the first book of my prison/gangland drama, which will be classed as drama, romance, and possibly erotica. It's a spin off from Broken Lives, with Jenna Hamilton, Jasper Rakete, and Marko ńĆerin having points of view. Jenna is on the cover. Here's the Goodreads' link: Skins Goodreads Page  It's almost finished, with June or July as a possible publication month.




Thursday, March 23, 2023

An Excerpt from SKINS (A Prison Drama/Romance)

 Here's an unedited peekaboo at a scene with Jenna and Phelia talking about Jasper in the ladies' restroom at the pub (from Chapter 9). It's from Jenna's point of view. I'll pop in Phelia's name so you know the first line belongs to her, with Jenna following. Also, different characters have different speech patterns, hence the change between cos and 'cause/wuz and was. BTW, the book is practically ready to send out to my editor, but I'll wait a tick until I finish the second book, which is already well under way and won't take long to finish (a week or two). You'll have two books very close together. I'm doing it like this so you don't have to wait much. I might put them out two weeks apart. Just remember, they aren't episodes like My Masters' Nightmare, they are novels.


P.S. If you don't already know, Jenna and Phelia are prison guards at a men's prison.


Phelia pressed her lips together.

“What is it?”

“You don’t want Marko, cos you want Jasper Rakete.”

“No, fucking way, he’s a prisoner.”

“You still want him.”

“If you’re talking ’bout my smile the other day, it wasn’t at him. I was thinking ’bout shit and he just happened to look up at the wrong time.”

“You don’t needa lie, he’s hot as fuck, totally drop dead gorgeous. Even Mackleby would hit that,” she smirked, “and not with his fist.”

My brow shot up. “He’s bi?”

“More like bi curious for Jasper. That hot fucker made him question his sexuality. Poor Macka got totally weirded out for a while until I calmed him down, telling him that some people can blur preferences, that they're basically gender hall passes. Not like he could act on it, cos Jasper would kill him if he even tried.”

“Plus, Jasper’s a prisoner,” I said, like that wasn’t her first thought as to why Mackleby wouldn’t try it on.

“Yeah, that too. So, chill, you hafta be blind not to find him hot. Just be careful with him, he got another...”

She snapped her mouth shut as the woman flushed the toilet, exiting the cubicle. Phelia turned to touch up her lips, then held out the lippy to me as the woman washed her hands next to us. Not opposed to sharing, I took it, noticing the woman looking at me.

“Your abs are hot,” she said, watching me do my lips.

“Thanks,” I replied, handing the lippy back to Phelia.

“Are you...” her heavily rimmed eyes flicked to Phelia, “a couple?”

“God, no,” Phelia answered. “Just workmates, I like men.”

The woman looked at me. “What about you?”

“Same, I love dick.”

She wrinkled her nose. “What a waste,” then walked out, the door swinging behind her.

Phelia laughed. “You just got hit on by a chick.”

I shrugged. “It’s happens a lot. I must give off some kind of vibe.”

“Nah, it’s this.” She slapped my sixpack. “It hooks ’em in.”

“I wanna hook a guy.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll happen, just make sure you don’t flash that to any of the prisoners. They’d come in a second.”

I laughed. “Not planning on it.”

Her face went serious again. “And especially not Jasper. He got another guard fired, hooked her right in, making her think he wuz in love with her. She totally fell for it, and who wouldn’t with his looks. Just be careful with him, he’ll make you think you’re the best thing since slice bread then drop you like you’re dirt.”

Wednesday, March 8, 2023


That's 17,047 words of SKINS written so far this week. It's turning into more than a prison drama, family drama and gangland drama now part of it. Yes, a major chunk is behind bars, but a lot is also at the Skins' headquarters. I've just finished Marko's chapter, while Phelia really is a piece of work, only getting worse since Broken Lives. While Jenna, bless her heart, is still a self-confessed dickhead, lol, but one who is genuinely trying her hardest to do good.

Anyway, I need to ask a question, since this story is flying across my computer. Are you willing to wait a week for the next chapter of Hungover so I can write more Skins while inspired? Or should I just finish editing the next chapter of Hungover, putting Skins on hold until next week?

Choices. Either way, I will have two books ready for publication within close proximity of each other.

What would you like?

I'm also willing to put up snippets of SKINS on here.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023



I ended up writing just under 12,000 words yesterday on SKINS, and probably would've written more if my husband didn't grumble, lol. I haven't written this much in a day since the time I wrote about 19,000 words for a My Masters' Nightmare episode years ago.

Anyway, this is what I have so far:
1) Jenna gets an undercover role as a prison guard. I have two scenes before she goes in, and a couple inside the prison so far, one where she meets Jasper. That scene is from his point of view.
2) She also meets the other prison guards, one that surprises her, as he wasn't in her dossier.
3) You will see Kelley in another scene with Jenna, as they are flatmates now, Jenna having made amends with Kelley. She never gave up on paying for her past sins, and remember, she was 15 and 16 in Crying Out Silent and Graffiti Heaven, so has grown up significantly. She is now 27.
4) Jasper's first prison scene O_O I won't say more.
5) The most interesting scene for me was at the Skins headquarters, a surprise connection popping up.
6) Marko is back and has a point of view for the first time. You will know him from Crying Out Silent and Graffiti Heaven. You will also be surprised at who he is related to.
7) Leila is also back, she is from Behind the Hood. She has a couple scenes with Marko so far. He has changed significantly, and is not happy with the way his life has gone.
8) I might be taking Killer out of the first Skins' headquarter's scene. I think Fabian might work better in that chapter. He's the vice prez of the Skins. Milan will also be in that scene.
9) It's turning out to be a SKINS story through and through. The feud with the Devil's Crew is still there, the DC having rebuilt themselves back up, and are once more causing issues for the Skins. The Sousa twins are at the helm this time, with Matheus as the new leader, and his brother in prison. Matheus hasn't shown yet, but you do see Rafael in a prison fight scene (the guy who had a thing for Killer). He's still a massive arsehole, Jenna making an enemy of him on day one of the job. Before Jenna became a cop, she worked as a prison guard in a woman's prison. And because of it, she thinks that putting someone in their place would work the same in the male prison. She will soon learn that isn't so, especially since Rafael holds grudges.

I'm so excited for this story!

Monday, March 6, 2023

SKINS - A Sneak Peek of the First Paragraph

Of course, the first paragraph is part of a rough initial draft, so could change, and will most definitely be edited. But I thought you'd like to know that I've started writing SKINS (I'll be doing it at the same time as editing Hungover).

SKINS is about a police officer going undercover as a prison guard, with the intent of busting a drug ring. That's Jenna. She was specifically chosen by her superiors since she has already worked in the field.

Anyway, SKINS is Jenna's and Jasper's love story. Jenna is from Graffiti Heaven, Crying Out Silent, and has a cameo in Love Drunk (Broken Lives #4). She was the blonde cop near the end, the one who was cheeky to Dante's and Ash's dad. She's got a smart-mouth and a wicked temper, one that she works hard at controlling. While Jasper is in the first three books of the Broken Lives series. He's Dante Rata's best friend. The reason he wasn't in the fourth book was because he was in prison. A lot of the Skins (his gang) got caught having a chop shop. But since a lot of my readers missed him, not too happy that he wasn't in the fourth book, I thought I'd make it up to you all by giving him his own series.

Let me know your thoughts!


(A Prison Drama)



I opened the door, hoping I wasn’t going to get told to bugger off. Because walking into the sergeant’s office felt exactly like walking into Principal Sao’s office for the very last time. Even after twelve years, I still couldn’t get over being expelled. But it wasn’t so much the expulsion itself but why I’d been kicked out of Wera High. I’d caused so much pain, so much suffering that I’d never forgiven myself for it, regardless of only being fifteen at the time. Which was why I was still making amends, and most of all, why I was a cop.

*More teasers to come...

Friday, March 3, 2023

My Masters' Nightmare Season 2, Episode 3 Teaser



I’d known the Black Russian was sick, but to have a child with his own twin was next level. But what floored me even more, was what he’d revealed back in his palace. It was something I couldn't even think about let alone verbalize without feeling physically ill. There were no words to describe it, other than the Black Russian was the most twisted person I’d ever meet. There was something inside of him that was truly evil, something that even the Black Russian himself was terrified of. I wondered whether it was a split personality or uncontrollable urges, or maybe he was possessed by the devil himself. Either way, I’d done what he’d asked, escorting his son to the Black Widow—Nikita’s mother. And a very angry mother after I’d told her what her son had been made to do, or more precisely, who to do.

Matteo Donatelli.

And in front of a crowd.


Let me know your thoughts below. I can only continue My Masters' Nightmare if I have the support of my readers, such as recommending the series to other readers, as well as suggesting it to reading groups, like on Goodreads. Anything to keep it going. It's all about readership numbers, which is the only way I can continue these stories since my writing doesn't pay enough to live off, if at all, due to publishing costs. That's why a number of my series are put on hold or discontinued. So, rally up your friends on book sites and help me keep My Masters' Nightmare going, because once I've published Hungover, I am open to writing some new episodes of My Masters' Nightmare while working on SKINS (Jasper's prison drama).

Thanks in advance!

Monday, February 13, 2023

SKINS (Prison Drama/Romance): Jasper's (from Broken Lives) and Kelley's (Graffiti Heaven and Crying Out Silent) Story

Does anyone remember Kelley (O'Brian) from Graffiti Heaven and Crying Out Silent? I've been wracking my brains about who could be the main female lead in SKINS (the prison TV drama I want to write in the same format as My Masters' Nightmare). I really didn't want to create a new character, so was going through the female characters in my NZ books, wondering whether I could use Lavinia, since she was a prison guard in Australia (she came back to NZ after admitting to Dante that her 10 year old is his kid). But I don't like her, and wanted someone at least likeable. This morning, I just happened to finish re-reading Ashes to Ashes and was looking at Crying Out Silent's sample at the back, and guess who was in it? Kelley! Then I remembered that Jenna caused her to get run over, and she had some sort of spinal injury. So, I went and checked and saw that the doctors said that, because of her spinal injury, that Kelley will only have a remote chance of regaining feeling in her legs, let alone movement. But doctors have said that about others before, getting proven wrong, and in Kelley's case, she lives to run, so she had something to work for. But since her spinal injury was so bad, she's been in physiotherapy for years, taking a long time to walk as well as run again. She eventually does run again, just not competitively, though she wants to. But, that's in her spare time, not work time, and since she can't be a police officer, like she dreamt off at one point (she is angry when she finds out Jenna is one), she goes for a prison guard's job instead, getting assigned to the same prison as...

As well as the rest of the Skins. She doesn't like gangs, a gang initiation having gotten her brother killed. So, she holds a grudge against gangs (her brother wasn't in one, just in the wrong place, wrong time). Which means she doesn't take too kindly when Jasper gives her attitude on her first day at work in the prison.
Yup, just found someone for Jasper! I know he's having an affair with Fabian's wife, returning her love, but that's clearly not going to end well, since Fabian is the Vice Prez of the Skins. However, I don't know where the plot will take me, with anything possible, I'm just really keen on Kelley finding that special someone since she has had it so hard. Plus, a lot of people want Jasper's story, which means he needs a strong woman to match him, and I think Kelley is that person. She's come a long way, what happened to her in high school making her stronger. Also, she won't take a liking to Phelia, who is also a prison guard there. She might not mind her at the beginning, until she learns more about her, getting to know how horrible Phelia is. BTW, she doesn't know Jasper, since he was in Dante's year, not hers. She does know who Dante is, but not past that, since she was from Ash's year at school. Plus, even if she did know Jasper, he looks different now. But she doesn't, so no worries. Also, this is the prison that Ant ends up in, and she does know him, but that won't be for a while, since Ant doesn't go to prison for a bit. Anyway, I better stop here.
Anyone else keen on Kelley's and Jasper's story?
P.S. Hungover will still be my next book, I haven't been distracted (no matter how much I want to). Anyway, there are currently 8 chapters of it on my Patreon page. I'm also past half way through writing the book, so I'm on track. For all my other books, yes, SKINS could possibly put Behind the Bars and the next Broken Lives book on the back foot, but then again, it's from the same world. It could also be seen as a spin-off from Broken Lives, actually, it would be, since it's about Jasper, which people were annoyed wasn't in Love Drunk. It was because he was in prison! Also, Mrs. Connor (from Behind the Bars and the rest of that series) will still be in it, since she works at that prison. That will make Behind the Bars more likely to happen as well, since I could use both SKINS and Behind the Bars to fuel each other.
Just one thing, I would like SKINS to be a serial, but I'll see how it goes (as to whether it would be suited to a serial or a novel). Also, I read the first chapter of Episode 3 of My Masters' Nightmare (Season 2) and was considering putting it on my Patreon page, but thought it might be a bit boring to put up one chapter and not the rest since I have to do Hungover first. Not sure.

Monday, January 30, 2023

My Pseudonym Reveal

 Joshua's Cross by M. A. Plume (aka. Marita A. Hansen)


A web of tears

A litany of fears

A media sensation

A parody of nations


But you will be the first

On the worldwide stage

Of this intolerant, insufferable age

My dear America


Joshua’s Cross is my pseudonym book. In it, I say I’m not going to divulge my name, but my pseudonym is burying it, making it invisible amongst the millions books on Amazon. And I didn’t write it to go unseen, so... I’m connecting my name to it so my readership can choose to read it or not. I say this last part because you may not want to read it, as it’s a very in your face book. It’s a social commentary about America, a view from the outside looking in. At the end of the book, it says that I may have gotten some things wrong, while other things right, though the main point is for the reader to start a debate by telling me in their reviews what they think of the story, of the topics. Am I right or wrong, or a bit of both? However, the book isn’t about me, I only have a point of view at the beginning and a very small one at the end. The book is about the characters: DeShawn, Joshua, Izzy, Nico, Jessica, Maggie, Harold, and so many more, representing different sectors of America. It’s also a plot driven book, one that shadows a very old story, the tale of Saint John the Baptist and Jesus, or more like a mirroring, DeShawn and Joshua making the story their own, setting it in contemporary times. Plus, Joshua tells his followers (many times) that he is not Jesus. He is an activist and a preacher.

So, give it a go, and don’t get put off by the seriousness of the beginning, or the satirical chapter. Promise me you’ll read at least four chapters (Amazon's free sample stops somewhere in chapter 5). And once you get to the end of Jessica’s chapter, if you don’t wish to continue, no worries.

It’s in your hands.

Also, remember, everyone has different opinions, so don’t get offended if you don’t like what you read. I’m not doing it to offend you, just tell me if you disagree. Debates are healthy, stewing on something isn’t.

Also, they're characters, doing things that would fit their personalities. So, also don’t assume I agree with all of them, because, first and foremost, it’s a story. I don’t always have control over my stories, they take me where they want to go. Writing for me is organic, so sometimes I write not knowing what’s going to happen next or how I’m going to portray a character. Other than, I write what fits them, not me.

Happy reading (I hope!)

Haere Ra,


Friday, January 27, 2023

NEWS! I'll Be Revealing My Pseudonym Soon

 I don't know whether this is to do with my ADHD, since I'm terrible at keeping secrets, unless it's very serious, or whether it's out of pure frustration since my pseudonym book is buried in anonymity, but I will be revealing the title once I work out how to write a warning for it. Because I WILL upset people with it, in particular Americans since it has a political element. BUT, I do encourage you to give me your feelings, to agree or disagree, telling me why it upsets you. The note at the end of the book even states this.

So, don't get put off by the first two to three chapters, thinking it's purely a criticism. It's not, it's a story, one I want you to read to the end, thinking about the content. To really think about what is said. But not to get so focused on the topic that you ignore the characters and their story. So, when I post the title and my pseudonym name, read to at least chapter 4, even if you're gritting your teeth, because I know some of you will be mad at me for painting one character a certain way. Just hear me out, IT'S A STORY, one that is meant to provoke intense feelings. One that is meant to spark debate, not to get you annoyed.

Promise me that you will read at least to the end of chapter four, which I believe is in the Amazon free sample, then if the story doesn't interest you, no worries, it isn't for you. But if it sweeps you up and carries you the rest of the way, leave me a review, telling me about what you think. And don't be shy to criticise it. It'll be the first time I won't flinch at criticism, because, as I said, I'm encouraging a debate.

To be continued...

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

A Free Patreon Link/Update

A free update on Patreon - about Behind the Lives. I'm now reading Broken Lives to get info for Behind the Lives (in particular Behind the Bars, which is book 5), since it's set in the same world, with a lot of the same characters. Jasper returns! Leave me comments on my Patreon about what you want to read in regards to that series.