Monday, February 13, 2023

SKINS (Prison Drama/Romance): Jasper's (from Broken Lives) and Kelley's (Graffiti Heaven and Crying Out Silent) Story

Does anyone remember Kelley (O'Brian) from Graffiti Heaven and Crying Out Silent? I've been wracking my brains about who could be the main female lead in SKINS (the prison TV drama I want to write in the same format as My Masters' Nightmare). I really didn't want to create a new character, so was going through the female characters in my NZ books, wondering whether I could use Lavinia, since she was a prison guard in Australia (she came back to NZ after admitting to Dante that her 10 year old is his kid). But I don't like her, and wanted someone at least likeable. This morning, I just happened to finish re-reading Ashes to Ashes and was looking at Crying Out Silent's sample at the back, and guess who was in it? Kelley! Then I remembered that Jenna caused her to get run over, and she had some sort of spinal injury. So, I went and checked and saw that the doctors said that, because of her spinal injury, that Kelley will only have a remote chance of regaining feeling in her legs, let alone movement. But doctors have said that about others before, getting proven wrong, and in Kelley's case, she lives to run, so she had something to work for. But since her spinal injury was so bad, she's been in physiotherapy for years, taking a long time to walk as well as run again. She eventually does run again, just not competitively, though she wants to. But, that's in her spare time, not work time, and since she can't be a police officer, like she dreamt off at one point (she is angry when she finds out Jenna is one), she goes for a prison guard's job instead, getting assigned to the same prison as...

As well as the rest of the Skins. She doesn't like gangs, a gang initiation having gotten her brother killed. So, she holds a grudge against gangs (her brother wasn't in one, just in the wrong place, wrong time). Which means she doesn't take too kindly when Jasper gives her attitude on her first day at work in the prison.
Yup, just found someone for Jasper! I know he's having an affair with Fabian's wife, returning her love, but that's clearly not going to end well, since Fabian is the Vice Prez of the Skins. However, I don't know where the plot will take me, with anything possible, I'm just really keen on Kelley finding that special someone since she has had it so hard. Plus, a lot of people want Jasper's story, which means he needs a strong woman to match him, and I think Kelley is that person. She's come a long way, what happened to her in high school making her stronger. Also, she won't take a liking to Phelia, who is also a prison guard there. She might not mind her at the beginning, until she learns more about her, getting to know how horrible Phelia is. BTW, she doesn't know Jasper, since he was in Dante's year, not hers. She does know who Dante is, but not past that, since she was from Ash's year at school. Plus, even if she did know Jasper, he looks different now. But she doesn't, so no worries. Also, this is the prison that Ant ends up in, and she does know him, but that won't be for a while, since Ant doesn't go to prison for a bit. Anyway, I better stop here.
Anyone else keen on Kelley's and Jasper's story?
P.S. Hungover will still be my next book, I haven't been distracted (no matter how much I want to). Anyway, there are currently 8 chapters of it on my Patreon page. I'm also past half way through writing the book, so I'm on track. For all my other books, yes, SKINS could possibly put Behind the Bars and the next Broken Lives book on the back foot, but then again, it's from the same world. It could also be seen as a spin-off from Broken Lives, actually, it would be, since it's about Jasper, which people were annoyed wasn't in Love Drunk. It was because he was in prison! Also, Mrs. Connor (from Behind the Bars and the rest of that series) will still be in it, since she works at that prison. That will make Behind the Bars more likely to happen as well, since I could use both SKINS and Behind the Bars to fuel each other.
Just one thing, I would like SKINS to be a serial, but I'll see how it goes (as to whether it would be suited to a serial or a novel). Also, I read the first chapter of Episode 3 of My Masters' Nightmare (Season 2) and was considering putting it on my Patreon page, but thought it might be a bit boring to put up one chapter and not the rest since I have to do Hungover first. Not sure.

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