Monday, October 20, 2014


If anyone has a blog and wants to interview me about my books, send me a message.

Questions you might like to ask: 
1) The ending of My Masters' Nightmare and why I don't want to write a Season 2.
2) The new series The Santini Brothers.
3) The Santini Novellas - with "I Love You, Salvatore" kicking those stories off, "Tell Me About Rosa" the followup.
3) Which characters from My Masters' Nightmare is moving to The Santini Brothers Series.
4) My characters.
5) The possibility of Frano and Rita getting their own series.
6) The possibility of the Black Vipers (the female assassins and spies from RICARDO) getting their own series.

7) Anything about my favourite series: Behind the Lives.
8) Behind the Secrets, book 4 of Behind the Lives and why it's taking so long to be published.
9) Why Beth will be on the cover of Behind the Secrets - even though I know a lot of you don't like her. P.S. Tama was on the cover of Behind the Hood, and he was an arsehole 
10) Corey's and Sledge's story with Behind the Memories.
11) The possibility I might have to do a crowdfunding project to keep Behind the Lives running.
12) My dream of Behind the Lives being made into a television drama.

13) My Masters' Nightmare being translated into Italian.

14) Graffiti Heaven's sequel and why it's taking years to produce.

15) Trey Ngata's book Dirty Dancer - a Contemporary, humorous romance. Trey was from Behind the Hood.

16) What you would like me to write.

17) Why I hated writing My Masters' Nightmare and almost quit numerous times.

18) Hungover - the sequel to Overwhelmed. Tom's point of view.

19) Who are my favourite characters from all my series?

20) Why there's a chance I might have to quit writing.

21) Ask me anything you want and if it's not rude, a spoiler, or too personal I will answer it?