Thursday, July 12, 2018

Crying Out Silent is on NetGalley and Amazon

Crying Out Silent is now live on both NetGalley and Amazon. It's a Read Now for NetGalley reviewers, so you don't have to wait for approval, it's already been given. The links for the book as well as it's blurb are all below. Though, please note that the book will only be available on NetGalley for July.

Two high school students make an unlikely alliance - one their friends must break before death does. 

The day I met Ash Rata was the first day I started dying, not because of Ash, but because of one of his friends. Ant Torres made me suffer, tormenting me because he thought I was a pretty boy. I am a boy, yet I’m also a girl. Neither one nor the other, but both.


While Ant was a closeted gay rugby player who used violence to get what he wanted.


But I didn’t want him – I wanted the unattainable.


The beautiful boy who was hiding a secret as big as mine, one that would unite us... until death do us part.

Please note that this book contains sensitive topics such as suicide and assault. (R18)