Saturday, October 15, 2022

Pseudonym Book On Pre-Order

I haven't written on here for so long. I haven't published a new book for a long time either, probably over two years now (not including translations). The reason is because I've been writing something very different. I got jaded with my writing, to the point where I started writing crap. So, I stepped back and decided to write about something with meaning, something that I've been wanting to do even before Behind the Hood was published. But since it's a story that's set in America, it required more research, especially since it focused on topics that need to be done well. And now it's finished! The pre-order went live on Amazon today, and will hopefully go live on NetGalley on Monday the 17th. I wish I could point you towards the novel, but due to it being done under a pseudonym (with valid reasons), I can't outright say it's mine. But I can at least give you some clues, giving you updates on when it's available to read. I also have a private group on Facebook with a few people who know about the book. I may increase that number, but we'll wait and see how things go.