Monday, December 12, 2022

Overwhelmed (Blurred Lines #1) Notes For Writing Its Sequel

I'm currently re-reading Overwhelmed since I published it an eternity ago. It's
for writing the sequel, Hungover, so I don't get anything wrong. So far these
are my notes at 5%, although some are from memory (from other parts of the book) as well as what is written in Hungover, elaborating on the re-read. It's not much at the moment, but I'll add more to these notes as I continue the re-read.

Tom Hamlin
1) Bright blue-green eyes.
2) Maori tattoo on his right bicep (korus).
3) Doesn't look Maori, but is just
over a quarter. I don't believe it says this in the book, but I do remember this about him.
4) A body made on the construction site, not the gym, solid, muscular with a strong physique and six-pack.
5) Messy brown hair.
6) Has a sister called Anna.

Kelly Hamlin
1) Maiden name Botica (Croatian heritage).
2) Long black hair.
3) Hazel eyes that look brown most of the time, though is more green, in particular olive green, which becomes prominent when upset, tired or looked at
in a particular light. Some of this is noted in Hungover's first chapter, but probably is mentioned later in Overwhelmed (not at the point I'm up to).
4) Good at running in high-school, used to beat Tom's sister in all the races.

Remember, I'll add more notes to this post as I do the re-read, updating it.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

HUNGOVER (Blurred Lines #2) is finally happening!

Ugh!!! It's been decided, HUNGOVER (Blurred Lines #2) is the next novel I'll be working on, getting it ready for publication. Because of this, I'll be uploading chapter by chapter onto my Patreon page. Chapter 1 is on there now. Warning, it has an R18+ rating due to sexual content. Here's the link to the chapter on my Patreon:

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Pseudonym Book On Pre-Order

I haven't written on here for so long. I haven't published a new book for a long time either, probably over two years now (not including translations). The reason is because I've been writing something very different. I got jaded with my writing, to the point where I started writing crap. So, I stepped back and decided to write about something with meaning, something that I've been wanting to do even before Behind the Hood was published. But since it's a story that's set in America, it required more research, especially since it focused on topics that need to be done well. And now it's finished! The pre-order went live on Amazon today, and will hopefully go live on NetGalley on Monday the 17th. I wish I could point you towards the novel, but due to it being done under a pseudonym (with valid reasons), I can't outright say it's mine. But I can at least give you some clues, giving you updates on when it's available to read. I also have a private group on Facebook with a few people who know about the book. I may increase that number, but we'll wait and see how things go.