Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I want to tell you a bit about my new series LOVERS & SINNERS. Although it isn't My Masters' Nightmare, it does continue from it, so you will be seeing many of the characters from that series in it. In the first books the story will follow Sasha (the Russian guard originally captured by the Donatelli in the early episodes of MMN) & Andriena (Camila's sister). This story is set in the Black Palace, so you will get a lot of the Black Russian. Camila and Matteo are also in the novella, but sorry, ladies, Jagger isn't. You will see him again in book two.

Anyway, this series is based on couples, where each book will follow one set (with only their points of view). You may have noticed that Sasha & Andriena has a #1 under their title. That's because their story won't finish in book 1, it'll just be the beginning. They may get 3 or 4 novellas, but I could also give them more down the track, after I give some page time to others, like Jagger & Camila. The Black Russian and the Black Widow may even get some novellas, or possibly The Black Widow and the male FBI agent she likes. And yes, I could even give some to Frano & Rita, though, I kind of want to give them their own separate series, but if I don't get the time to do that, I'll pop some stories about them in LOVERS & SINNERS.

In regards to Matteo, you'll also be seeing him in the Santini twins' books, since Dominic takes a liking to him :) And maybe you'll even get Dominic in LOVERS & SINNERS. We'll see.

BUT, for now the focus is on Sasha & Andriena, so clear your schedule, because it's due out NOVEMBER 24!