Thursday, September 26, 2019


Ashes to Ashes
by Marita A. Hansen

L Davies has been besotted with Ash Rata ever since he walked into her high school class twelve years ago. She just never thought he'd be interested in her, due to her being intersex. Mistakenly brought up as a boy, L has transformed over the years into a stunning woman, and has accumulated a devoted following after becoming the lead guitarist for Ash's brother, the infamous Dante. But although she has a legion of fans, all she wants is Ash, loving him unconditionally, yet resigned to being friend-zoned forever. Until, out of frustration and desperation, she takes Dante's advice, stripping for Ash, both literally and emotionally, baring her soul to him, desperate for his acceptance and love.
Clueless to L's infatuation, Ash is left dumbstruck by her advances. Although he loves L as a friend, he soon realises there's more behind his feelings than simple friendship. After he gives in to those feelings, allowing L to seduce him, he quickly discovers that his moment of weakness wasn't private, his boarder having installed hidden cameras in his room. The sex tape is uploaded onto the internet and goes viral. The media frenzy that ensues throws Ash into the limelight, one that's intent on ripping him and L apart, as well as losing him access to his son, his ex using their eleven-year-old as a means to win him back. Though, Ash's ex becomes the least of his worries when a monster from his and L's past walks back into their lives.

*Publication date to come:

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


I have FINALLY emailed the last chapters to my editor. I'd hoped to have had them done prior to my surgery, but I just couldn't do it on time, mostly because I added about 10 more pages to the book. Anyway, it's completed, so now I just have to get into the mode of proofreading the book, which is a painful process, one I hate doing since I go over and over and OVER the book countless times, making sure there aren't any errors (even though those pesky things still manage to slip through). Regardless, it's the final stage, meaning it's not long away from being published. I did intend on publishing it in September, and probably can still do so if I push myself, but I doubt my brain will allow that to happen since it's on slow mo mode at the moment (due to recovering from the op). So, sorry, expect it to come out early October now. It would've definitely been September if it weren't for my operation, and even months earlier if it weren't for financial issues, but I can finally see the end, so it's only a few weeks away now. And if things progress faster than expected I will publish it sooner. I still haven't decided on a publication date, but expect to see one VERY soon.