Tuesday, September 17, 2019


I have FINALLY emailed the last chapters to my editor. I'd hoped to have had them done prior to my surgery, but I just couldn't do it on time, mostly because I added about 10 more pages to the book. Anyway, it's completed, so now I just have to get into the mode of proofreading the book, which is a painful process, one I hate doing since I go over and over and OVER the book countless times, making sure there aren't any errors (even though those pesky things still manage to slip through). Regardless, it's the final stage, meaning it's not long away from being published. I did intend on publishing it in September, and probably can still do so if I push myself, but I doubt my brain will allow that to happen since it's on slow mo mode at the moment (due to recovering from the op). So, sorry, expect it to come out early October now. It would've definitely been September if it weren't for my operation, and even months earlier if it weren't for financial issues, but I can finally see the end, so it's only a few weeks away now. And if things progress faster than expected I will publish it sooner. I still haven't decided on a publication date, but expect to see one VERY soon.

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