Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BEHIND THE SECRETS (Behind the Lives #4)

After writing BEHIND THE SECRETS I am determined not to let my mafia stories, regardless of sales, determine when I publish the next Behind the Lives installment. It was like going home with Behind the Secrets. I know exactly what to write, things come naturally, I don't even have to think half the time, whereas with the mafia ones I feel like I never get things right, have to constantly question what I write, never know how people are going to react. I Love You, Salvatore is the only exception for the mafia stories, because I wrote that exactly right. Whereas My Masters' Nightmare made me pull out my hair and the Santini Brothers makes me question my writing constantly. The Santini Brothers is now driving me nuts like My Masters' Nightmare did, lol. I get so many conflicting reactions, people absolutely loving it to the opposite end. I do get different reactions with Behind the Lives, but for some reason I don't care smile emoticon I know the culture, I don't question things, I write that series for me and have a staunch group of readers who love it and understand the characters like I do. I really do love writing Behind the Lives, again, it's the only series I can call my baby. If you read only my mafia stories you should really give Behind the Lives a go. I know it's gangland and street type writing, but the characters are so realistic and captivating, with many influenced by real people, even some lines said are real. It may be safer for you to start on book 2, Behind the Tears, since the first book, Behind the Hood, will evoke extreme reactions. I've had people absolutely love Behind the Hood and continue with the series, but I've had people hate it because of Tama, but decide to give the second book a try and absolutely love that one since the main characters are nicer. Basically, if you dislike Behind the Hood it doesn't mean you'll dislike the rest of the books, but if you dislike Behind the Tears the series isn't for you, since this book reflects the follow up ones. Also, if there are any New Zealand sayings you don't understand, PM me, I'll be happy to explain them. I've done my best to make them understandable in the story, so it should be okay. Anyway, off to edit more of BEHIND THE SECRETS, which is being sent to my editor next week smile emoticon