Friday, March 3, 2023

My Masters' Nightmare Season 2, Episode 3 Teaser



I’d known the Black Russian was sick, but to have a child with his own twin was next level. But what floored me even more, was what he’d revealed back in his palace. It was something I couldn't even think about let alone verbalize without feeling physically ill. There were no words to describe it, other than the Black Russian was the most twisted person I’d ever meet. There was something inside of him that was truly evil, something that even the Black Russian himself was terrified of. I wondered whether it was a split personality or uncontrollable urges, or maybe he was possessed by the devil himself. Either way, I’d done what he’d asked, escorting his son to the Black Widow—Nikita’s mother. And a very angry mother after I’d told her what her son had been made to do, or more precisely, who to do.

Matteo Donatelli.

And in front of a crowd.


Let me know your thoughts below. I can only continue My Masters' Nightmare if I have the support of my readers, such as recommending the series to other readers, as well as suggesting it to reading groups, like on Goodreads. Anything to keep it going. It's all about readership numbers, which is the only way I can continue these stories since my writing doesn't pay enough to live off, if at all, due to publishing costs. That's why a number of my series are put on hold or discontinued. So, rally up your friends on book sites and help me keep My Masters' Nightmare going, because once I've published Hungover, I am open to writing some new episodes of My Masters' Nightmare while working on SKINS (Jasper's prison drama).

Thanks in advance!

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