Monday, March 6, 2023

SKINS - A Sneak Peek of the First Paragraph

Of course, the first paragraph is part of a rough initial draft, so could change, and will most definitely be edited. But I thought you'd like to know that I've started writing SKINS (I'll be doing it at the same time as editing Hungover).

SKINS is about a police officer going undercover as a prison guard, with the intent of busting a drug ring. That's Jenna. She was specifically chosen by her superiors since she has already worked in the field.

Anyway, SKINS is Jenna's and Jasper's love story. Jenna is from Graffiti Heaven, Crying Out Silent, and has a cameo in Love Drunk (Broken Lives #4). She was the blonde cop near the end, the one who was cheeky to Dante's and Ash's dad. She's got a smart-mouth and a wicked temper, one that she works hard at controlling. While Jasper is in the first three books of the Broken Lives series. He's Dante Rata's best friend. The reason he wasn't in the fourth book was because he was in prison. A lot of the Skins (his gang) got caught having a chop shop. But since a lot of my readers missed him, not too happy that he wasn't in the fourth book, I thought I'd make it up to you all by giving him his own series.

Let me know your thoughts!


(A Prison Drama)



I opened the door, hoping I wasn’t going to get told to bugger off. Because walking into the sergeant’s office felt exactly like walking into Principal Sao’s office for the very last time. Even after twelve years, I still couldn’t get over being expelled. But it wasn’t so much the expulsion itself but why I’d been kicked out of Wera High. I’d caused so much pain, so much suffering that I’d never forgiven myself for it, regardless of only being fifteen at the time. Which was why I was still making amends, and most of all, why I was a cop.

*More teasers to come...

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