Wednesday, March 8, 2023


That's 17,047 words of SKINS written so far this week. It's turning into more than a prison drama, family drama and gangland drama now part of it. Yes, a major chunk is behind bars, but a lot is also at the Skins' headquarters. I've just finished Marko's chapter, while Phelia really is a piece of work, only getting worse since Broken Lives. While Jenna, bless her heart, is still a self-confessed dickhead, lol, but one who is genuinely trying her hardest to do good.

Anyway, I need to ask a question, since this story is flying across my computer. Are you willing to wait a week for the next chapter of Hungover so I can write more Skins while inspired? Or should I just finish editing the next chapter of Hungover, putting Skins on hold until next week?

Choices. Either way, I will have two books ready for publication within close proximity of each other.

What would you like?

I'm also willing to put up snippets of SKINS on here.

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