Tuesday, March 7, 2023



I ended up writing just under 12,000 words yesterday on SKINS, and probably would've written more if my husband didn't grumble, lol. I haven't written this much in a day since the time I wrote about 19,000 words for a My Masters' Nightmare episode years ago.

Anyway, this is what I have so far:
1) Jenna gets an undercover role as a prison guard. I have two scenes before she goes in, and a couple inside the prison so far, one where she meets Jasper. That scene is from his point of view.
2) She also meets the other prison guards, one that surprises her, as he wasn't in her dossier.
3) You will see Kelley in another scene with Jenna, as they are flatmates now, Jenna having made amends with Kelley. She never gave up on paying for her past sins, and remember, she was 15 and 16 in Crying Out Silent and Graffiti Heaven, so has grown up significantly. She is now 27.
4) Jasper's first prison scene O_O I won't say more.
5) The most interesting scene for me was at the Skins headquarters, a surprise connection popping up.
6) Marko is back and has a point of view for the first time. You will know him from Crying Out Silent and Graffiti Heaven. You will also be surprised at who he is related to.
7) Leila is also back, she is from Behind the Hood. She has a couple scenes with Marko so far. He has changed significantly, and is not happy with the way his life has gone.
8) I might be taking Killer out of the first Skins' headquarter's scene. I think Fabian might work better in that chapter. He's the vice prez of the Skins. Milan will also be in that scene.
9) It's turning out to be a SKINS story through and through. The feud with the Devil's Crew is still there, the DC having rebuilt themselves back up, and are once more causing issues for the Skins. The Sousa twins are at the helm this time, with Matheus as the new leader, and his brother in prison. Matheus hasn't shown yet, but you do see Rafael in a prison fight scene (the guy who had a thing for Killer). He's still a massive arsehole, Jenna making an enemy of him on day one of the job. Before Jenna became a cop, she worked as a prison guard in a woman's prison. And because of it, she thinks that putting someone in their place would work the same in the male prison. She will soon learn that isn't so, especially since Rafael holds grudges.

I'm so excited for this story!

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