Friday, January 27, 2023

NEWS! I'll Be Revealing My Pseudonym Soon

 I don't know whether this is to do with my ADHD, since I'm terrible at keeping secrets, unless it's very serious, or whether it's out of pure frustration since my pseudonym book is buried in anonymity, but I will be revealing the title once I work out how to write a warning for it. Because I WILL upset people with it, in particular Americans since it has a political element. BUT, I do encourage you to give me your feelings, to agree or disagree, telling me why it upsets you. The note at the end of the book even states this.

So, don't get put off by the first two to three chapters, thinking it's purely a criticism. It's not, it's a story, one I want you to read to the end, thinking about the content. To really think about what is said. But not to get so focused on the topic that you ignore the characters and their story. So, when I post the title and my pseudonym name, read to at least chapter 4, even if you're gritting your teeth, because I know some of you will be mad at me for painting one character a certain way. Just hear me out, IT'S A STORY, one that is meant to provoke intense feelings. One that is meant to spark debate, not to get you annoyed.

Promise me that you will read at least to the end of chapter four, which I believe is in the Amazon free sample, then if the story doesn't interest you, no worries, it isn't for you. But if it sweeps you up and carries you the rest of the way, leave me a review, telling me about what you think. And don't be shy to criticise it. It'll be the first time I won't flinch at criticism, because, as I said, I'm encouraging a debate.

To be continued...

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