Sunday, January 29, 2012

Music in Books 4

I haven't done any music posts for a while. Last year I did one on The Black Seeds as they got mentioned a couple of times in my book: The part where Tama steals Nike's Into the Dojo CD, and also in chapter 36 when Tama goes to Kelly's house. Here are the lines from Kelly's house:

Tama opened the stereo, slipped in The Black Seeds’ CD, then pressed play. The guitar rift of Sometimes Enough started, the reggae beat following close behind.
   Bobbing his head up and down to the music, he walked towards the brunette from the party, his eyes narrowing in on her tight black sweater. 

If you want to hear this song, here's the video:

The Black Seeds - Sometimes Enough

I used to listen to The Black Seeds all the time while working at the Auckland International Airport. They made the extremely early hours less boring. They are a great New Zealand group that sing New Age Reggae - easy beats that you can mellow out with or bob your head to. And, for anyone that knows about the Flight of the Conchords, Bret McKenzie was a former member of The Black Seeds. He sang my favourite Back Seeds' songs, previously posted on my blogsite in August 2011: One by One.
The Black Seeds - One by One

So, if you like them, go check out their CD Into the Dojo plus their more recent albums. Here's the connection to their website: If you click on here you'll hear more of their songs.

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