Monday, October 22, 2012

Behind the Tears

This is what I thought about after writing "Behind the Tears":

I HATED writing this DAMN &^@^*!@&*+# book, lol. It's true, I did. And if I wasn't committed to finishing "Behind the Tears" I would've scrapped it, because it caused me SO much trouble. No doubt fans of Behind the Hood and Graffiti Heaven (the prequels) will love it, and will be biting their nails over certain sections, but ... when I got to one plot point near the end, it made me very uncomfortable and that is saying a lot. At one stage, I even walked away from the story, preferring to paint instead, because I only paint nice pictures and this storyline was anything but nice. I think some people may cry over this book, but it just made me want to kill off Chaz at the beginning ... although I didn't, dammit. Maybe I could go and rewrite that part? Nah, just kidding, because that would totally take out the suspense if I did.

HOWEVER ... I did enjoy writing a few of the storylines. Also, "Behind the Tears" is a bit different from the other two books, because the overriding genre is romance (although, a dark romance), and with a side order of suspense. There are three potential couples, some love triangles and one very disturbed man, who people will hate even more than Tama from "Behind the Hood," and it is possible.

But, I'm sure a lot of ladies will love one particular romance (if not all). I've already noticed some people on Goodreads are speculating about what Sledge's relationship with Corey entails. Just put it this way, they are right. There are hints in "Behind the Hood" alluding to what Corey's character is like, and he will be making Sledge feel very uncomfortable ;)

Anyway, I may update on how the editing progress is going. At present, I am well on target to having this book published before Christmas.

Cheers, Marita.

P.S. The cover uploaded on Goodreads is not the one being used. A drawing of Ash will be on the cover, while his brother Dante will be on the back. And since the brothers look the same, apart from their different tattoos, it will appear like you're viewing two sides to one person.

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