Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dirty Dancer

Here's the blurb for the first book from my Dirty Dancer series, which is due out either at the end of this year or near the beginning of 2014. It's based around Trey, a minor character from Behind the Hood, and is new adult.

Dirty Dancer Vol. 1 (Dirty Dancer #1)
by Marita A. Hansen.

Trey has always considered himself too soft, his pretty-boy looks and big heart getting in the way of surviving in the most dangerous neighbourhood in New Zealand. To counter what he thought were faults, he joined a gang at a young age, took up boxing and bedded every girl who took his fancy. But after the leader from his gang viciously attacks a rival, Trey chooses to help save the man's life. As a consequence, he is kicked out of the gang.

Devastated over the loss of his friends and the only life he's known, he begs his mother to move out of the area, the threatening messages he receives from the gang-leader also behind his decision. His mother agrees, but on one condition: He must sign up to the place she works at, a prestigious dance school in one of the wealthiest suburbs in Auckland, where the biggest danger a student has to face is being rejected by a clique of girls, their leader Summer Vega having the power to make someone's life hell.

When Trey turns Summer down on his first day at the school, more concerned with the promises he'd made to his mother - to only concentrate on his studies, something he'd neglected in the past - Summer brings winter to his life, freezing him out of all the top dance opportunities the school has connections to, as well as making him a laughing stock by picking on his Maori accent and his underprivileged background.

Trey does his best to ignore Summer, but when her actions start to threaten his mother's job, he confronts her, demanding she stops. Summer agrees, but, like his mother, has one condition: That Trey becomes her boyfriend. He begrudgingly accepts with the intention of ruining every date they go on, so Summer will dump him. But when he starts to fall for her, will his actions destroy a love he never thought was possible, or will Summer stick by him, even when his dangerous past comes knocking at her door.

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