Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds for my newest novel OVERWHELMED

On Sunday, I started a campaign on the site Indiegogo to raise funds so I could pay for my newest book OVERWHELMED to be published and promoted. 

You will find a trailer, information about the book, what I need the funding for, and some background about me on there. Also, there are perks for donating down the side of the campaign page, such as books, paintings, etc. Have a look, you might like to get some of the perks I have made available. Of course, if you select a perk the postage is free.

However, if you are unable to help financially with the campaign you can instead put the page's link up on the different social media sites that you are connected to, eg. Facebook, blog pages, Goodreads, Twitter, etc. I need as many people to see this project as possible, because the more people who see it, the more chance I have of it being a success.


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