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1) The main characters from BEHIND THE HOOD - book 1

TAMA HARRIS - the biggest arsehole you will meet in any of my books. He's self-centered and extremely selfish. He does what he wants and stuff the consequences. He will piss you off so much that you will need to grip onto that ereader tight so you don't throw it at the wall. Don't let him put you off book 2  He doesn't have a POV in that one. Instead, the gorgeous Rata brothers and Corey take center stage in book 2. Some people loved BEHIND THE HOOD, others didn't because of Tama. But most loved BEHIND THE TEARS. So, again, don't let Tama put you off book 2! The hot Ratas take over.

NIKE DANIELS - He has a temper, but he is ultimately the good guy. You should like him. He's a teen father who is dedicated to his wife and baby son as well as his sister and mother. He changes dramatically throughout this series. He is a changed man by the time he reaches book 3, life hardening him considerably.

MAIA DANIELS - the 14-year-old who starts this series off with her point of view. She's feisty and smart-mouthed, but also a nice person.

JESS DANIELS - Nike's wife and a complete sweetheart.

Others who get a POV in Behind the Hood - Mikey Thomas (Tama's cousin), Jayden (Tama's best friend), Leila (Jayden's wife), and Annie (Jayden's first love).

Warning: BEHIND THE HOOD has a different feel to BEHIND THE TEARS. Due to the hot tattooed brothers and the cute Corey Connor, BEHIND THE TEARS (book 2) is considerably more popular.

2) If Tama hasn't pissed you off enough and you made it to BEHIND THE TEARS, here's the cast:

ASH RATA - The tormented head of the Rata clan. He's 26 and is the one on the cover with the neck tattoo. He's had a very hard life and is tormented by what his stepfather did to him ten years prior. Not only is he living with the memory of that day, but he is struggling with his relationship to Beth Connor. He can't talk to her due to his inner turmoil and as a result is pushing her away without realising it. He's also still in love with his ex and secretly yearns for her. Ash is a drug dealer who wants to quit the game.

DANTE RATA - Ash's second brother and the hellraiser of the family. Dante is 23 and looks just like Ash, just with a tattoo around his left eyes (he's on Behind the Len's cover). He's the town manwhore and has trouble controlling himself when it comes to women, booze, and drugs. He's bipolar and lately hasn't been taking his medication. He's a drug dealer like his oldest brother, but unlike Ash, he doesn't want to quit. He's also in love with Ash's girlfriend, which causes a lot of trouble in this book.

BETH CONNOR - The women that people either love or hate. She secretly desires Dante, but knows he's no good for her, but finds it hard to resist him.

SLEDGE RATA - The youngest of the Rata brothers. He's not bright and is rather brutish. He's having trouble with his best friend, who has cancer.

COREY CONNOR - Beth's youngest brother and the sweetheart of this book. You will fall in love with him. He is the cutest thing and has the smartest, funniest mouth on him. He's Sledge's best friend and is secretly in love with him, but is too afraid to tell Sledge since he thinks his best mate's homophobic. If you don't get through Behind the Hood, pick Behind the Tears up at the very least to read about this cutie-pie.

JULIET RATA - Sledge's twin sister and the unlucky-in-love member of this family. She can't catch any breaks, her brutish looks often repelling the opposite sex - except for Corey, who only finds her attractive since she looks like Sledge 

CHAZ GREENWOOD - The Rata brothers' stepfather. He is probably the most hated character in this series. The only point of view he gets in this book is that horrid letter at the beginning. He is obsessed with Ash and escapes prison to go after him.

3) BEHIND THE LENS - book 3 is a direct continuation on from book 2. Book 2 and 3 are a set, since book 1 has a different feel to it due to different main characters.

DANTE becomes the lead in this book.
COREY gets the second most chapters from his viewpoint.
BETH is also a major player along with SLEDGE.

KARA - a new character and Dante's ex, who wants him back. You will either love or hate this alpha female. She's a Croatian from Bosnia, and has a very tough outlook on life. Even with a Russian Roulette gun to her head she would tell you you're a coward for being scared, then pull the trigger. You won't get tougher than this bitch in stilettos.

ANT (Anthony) - A character from Graffiti Heaven. He's ten years older here and hasn't grown up to be a nice person. Although he doesn't get a point of view, he has a significant role in the story. He's a pornographer and someone who takes what he wants without regard to others. He's a despicable person and holds a huge grudge against Ash Rata.

4) BEHIND THE SECRETS - book 4 due out in 2015.
Dante Rata
Beth Connor
Corey Connor
Sledge Rata
L (Llewellyn Davies from Graffiti Heaven)

All of the above characters currently have points of view in the book.

Other characters who feature in this story:

Ash (he becomes more significant towards the end since I want to give him a point of view in BEHIND THE MEMORIES - book 5)
Mrs. Connor (she has a significant part also. You will finally get to see a lot more of this lovely lady since she will play a major role in BEHIND THE MEMORIES.)
Tama (yes, the prick shows his face again, but luckily he doesn't get a voice).

SO, give the BEHIND THE LIVES series a chance. It's extremely unique. You won't have read any other series like it before.

Setting: South Auckland, New Zealand.

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