Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Behind the Secrets (Behind the Lives #4) - Progress

Below is BEHIND THE SECRETS' progress, so you know I'm not getting distracted by other books :) I will be publishing it next. Sorry, I don't have a date yet, but will let you know when it's been set.

1 I've currently written just over 35, 000 words.

2 I wrote about 3,000 words today. I have been known to write considerably more than this when I'm on a role, so don't worry, it's rolling along well.

3 As said yesterday on my Facebook author page, Saul will be getting a viewpoint. I just wrote two of his chapters today.

4 Current viewpoints:

5 Two new characters have been included into the Behind the Lives family:
- L (Llewellyn from the Graffiti Heaven series).
- Sarah. She's a police officer who works with Saul.

6 Beth and Corey's mum has a more prominent role in Behind the Secrets, but becomes a major character in its sequel, where she gets her own viewpoint.

7 I'm not sure whether Kara will get a viewpoint in Behind the Secrets, but she is definitely in the book and is important to the storyline.

8 The central character is Beth, who will be on the cover. Don't worry if you don't like Beth, no one liked Tama either and he was the central character for book 1 :D

9 Tama does show his face again, along with Josie (Beth, Naf's, and Corey's cousin).

10 The most comical scenes are when Sledge and Corey are on the same page :D Sledge is hilarious. He has absolutely no filter now, due to the damage the bullet caused. So, be prepared for some very funny conversations, where he says the most embarrassing things, leaving Corey red faced.

11 Of all the books, this one will appear tame, until you hit the major shock, which will leave you screaming at your kindle or paperback.

12 Groan, I should go and draw the cover. Bye!

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