Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Reviewers: Grab MY MASTERS' NIGHTMARE from NETGALLEY before it's too late


With only 1 week left to request, grab MY MASTERS' NIGHTMARE, Season 1, Episodes 1-5 from #NETGALLEY. Unlike with most of my other Netgalley uploads, I'm controlling the approvals this time, so your request will most likely be accepted. It's rare for me to turn down a request since I'm a pushover.

My Master's Nightmare

Season 1: Episodes 1–5

Marita A. Hansen

Short Street Books

Archive Date   12 Jun 2020

Erotica, Mystery & Thrillers



I didn't see it coming, didn't realize how different everything would be within the space of a month. I would fall in love with one man, I would kill another, and I would lose my body, my mind, my soul - my freedom to them. I was an operative, a strong woman, someone sent in to save others, but under these two men I became weak - or pretended to be. I didn't like being weak, it angered me. If I had free rein I could cut my masters in two. But I wasn't there for pride, I was there to free those women and to take down the two men who sold them as sex slaves.
Those men needed to be punished
And I would do it
No matter the cost
Or how much I lost
Because I am Rita Kovak

Warning: This series is a soap opera, so has crazy plot twists. It also has M/F and M/M non-con and dub-con. It is very dark and violent. R18


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