Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm not a poet, and I definitely know it, but...

...I decided to write one on a book that I will eventually publish. The book is a YA fantasy, and the first book I wrote. But I want to rewrite it, making it a lot better. Anyway, I was mucking around with its theme and wrote the poem below, which has the same title as the book: "Stella Maris". I'm not a poet, like my mum, so it's not very good, but my daughter was sweet enough to say she liked it, so I thought I'd pop it up on here for you to shake your head at and tell me to keep my day job.

P.S. Stella Maris literally means Star of the Sea (a school I went to), plus it also represents the Virgin Mary.

STELLA MARIS (the Star of the Sea)

When a loved one dies,
Stars don’t shoot across the skies,
They rain tears down upon our lives,
Filling the empty crevices of our soul,

Becoming an ocean of despair
Lapping at the edges of our fear,
While the wind wails over our loss,
Wrapping its cold arms around our flesh,

The star falls to the earth,
Dragged down by her own tears,
Mourning what we have lost,
Our dear Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea.

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