Monday, August 15, 2011

The Moko

Stained glass Maori face with moko fitted into a light-box.

I have painted, drawn, created images in stained glass, and have written about the moko.  As you can see in the book cover for Behind the Hood Tama has based his head tattoo on a moko.  

 Here is an extract in Chapter 1 describing Tama and his tattoo (As seen through Maia's viewpoint).

The gang leader was eighteen, tall and solidly built, with a wide, flat nose. He’d shaved off his hair recently, replacing it with a curved pattern called a moko. Usually, the tattoo adorned the face, a sign of a Maori warrior—something to be proud of. But Tama was no one to be proud of, nothing but a dreg who constantly harassed her.

Heritage: Oil on individual canvases joined together by putty and set on wood.

21/11/2011 An addition to this post: A preview of the cover for Behind the Pain (A future book in the Behind the Lives series).

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