Monday, August 15, 2011

Music in Books 2

As said prior, I was going to talk about The Blackseeds. Not only do I like this group, but they fit perfectly in with the tone of my story. R&B, rap, and reggae are all popular music in the area that I'm writing about, so The Black Seeds cool new gen reggae is a perfect fit.  Their first mention is when Tama breaks into Nike's house and ends up stealing the Into the Dojo album. 

 Chapter 31
He got dressed, then headed into the kitchen and helped himself to some juice. With a loud belch, he closed the fridge door, picked up the two CDs off the table, and sat down on the couch. He pulled out the cover of the first disk, hoping for song lyrics. Black ink was scrawled under an image of a giraffe: To Nike from Dad and Mum, Happy 14th.

Tama stared at the word Dad. God, he missed his. Although his father had worked a hell of a lot he’d always made time, taking him to softball games, the beach and the movies. His dad called it “Man time,” and said he needed it or he’d grow into a pussy if it was left up to his mother.

A smile played across Tama’s lips at the memory of his father stepping in as his under tens softball coach. His dad had blown up at the umpire for running him out at a local tournament. When the umpire refused to change the ruling, his dad had given the old dude a wedgy. Tama laughed at the memory. His dad always did the weirdest things. His smile faded. He missed softball, but there was no way he’d ever play it again. It reminded him too much of what he’d lost.

The album is also mentioned further along when Tama plays the CD at a girl's house. 

I like many Blackseeds songs, but this is my favourite:

Bret McKenzie, from the Flight of the Conchords is in this group at this time.

Enjoy :)

P.S. Smashproof next.


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